Conveyor technology

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conveyor technology

Conveyor technology

Container and carton conveyor technology

HEBER Fördertechnik - Fördertechnik - Behälter- und KartonfördertechnikOur high-performance modular container conveyor technology transports, sorts, distributes, accumulates and positions not only containers, but also trays and cartons. HEBER Fördertechnik works with a special drive technology. HEBER consistently uses conveyor rollers with integrated, brushless 24 V DC drive combined with decentralised three-phase asynchronous drive. This means energy consumption and noise levels can be kept low even when the demands on the system are high. The use of aluminium system profiles enables loads of up to 50 kg per container, tray and carton even in the standard version.

Bag conveyor technology

HEBER Fördertechnik - Fördertechnik - TütenfördertechnikThe bag conveyor technology from HEBER Fördertechnik is specially designed to meet the requirements of the industry. Belt conveyors and belt curves are preferably used for the partly flexible polybags. There are two possibilities for sorting and for the inward and outward transfer into and out of the transport lines: This includes the use of vertical diverters and/or a combination of multi-row swivel roller diverters with belt merge units. Closed side guides ensure safe and reliable transport of the bags.

Picking systems

HEBER Fördertechnik - Fördertechnik - Kommissionier-AnlagenA low returns rate ensures satisfied customers. A largely automated picking process ensures a low error rate. The picking process can be assisted by light signals (Pick by light) or voice commands (Pick by voice). HEBER Fördertechnik has proven expertise in the field of picking and supports you in setting up your own system.

Returns transport

HEBER Fördertechnik - Fördertechnik - Retouren-TransportFaster returns processing ensures faster trading. The faster the goods are available again, the faster a new sale is possible. HEBER Fördertechnik is designed to do just that. Returns processing comprises the following steps: Goods inward, recording, processing and preparation to put the goods back into storage. Our systems automatically transport the returns from goods inward to the individual workstations and to storage. Since the distance selling trade usually sells very different goods, systems from HEBER Fördertechnik are designed to handle cartons, containers, bags as well as loose articles and unpackaged textiles. Our product range also includes automatic packaging or labelling, which can be integrated and provides a decisive contribution to reliable and especially fast returns handling.


HEBER Fördertechnik - Fördertechnik -ArbeitsplätzeThe workstations themselves are often an integral part of the scope of supply and services. We are very familiar with the ergonomic requirements of a workstation, particularly when it is directly adjacent to the conveyor system. We can also advise you in detail on the equipment of a workstation, whether it be the number of shelves and compartments or the arrangement of IT equipment such as screens, scanners and printers. On request, we can also offer the manufacture of a sample table that will be examined extensively by your personnel before series release and possibly tested in real operation. We are also happy to provide references to many examples of systems already implemented.