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Retrofit Blanco

The load on all mechanical and electronic components of an intralogistics system is high. Of course, these systems are subject to wear and tear that usually results in lower availability.
As part of retrofit projects, HEBER Fördertechnik develops solutions to make the system highly available again in the long term – and usually even more efficient.

Based on the experience gained from many modernised systems, HEBER Fördertechnik develops reconstruction concepts and plans which ensure that changeover or renovation can be carried out with as little disruption to operations as possible.
The developed process planning clearly defines the responsibilities, timeline and respective activities.
Sophisticated fallback strategies and the possibility of successively switching back and forth between the old and new system minimises the risk of system downtime.

Conversions or expansions of conveyor technology, control systems and adjoining system interfaces of existing and running plants are usually carried out over several weekends.